Monday, January 4, 2016

Yay for a New Year!

2016 will be an awesome year.

I have come up with several new ideas for this brand new year, which I am pretty excited about and can't wait to start planing and working to achieve my goals. 

This year I will be working on getting some research done for my thesis, it will be a lot of hard work but in the end it will be so worth it. Doing this is a big move for me to become more the professional I want to be and to help others with this research. 

Another thing I have set my mind and heart on is improving my relationship with the people I love and most importantly, with myself. I trully believe that if you love yourself and you are in a great place with your life, people around you will start noticing it and therefore positivity will be there surrounding you. 

Health is important for me, I had a huge kick to start becoming a healthier person at the begining of 2015, but life just happened and with every month that went by, specially the last few months of the year, I was so unhealthy, ate way more than I would've wanted to, and I don't mean healthy things, but things that are so bad for you that I had started feeling sick. This new year, I will be coming back to what my healthy routine was a couple of years ago and I will stick to it. I will do what it took me to be where I felt happy and confident. 

There are many many more things I want to accomplish but why plan everything out? some things just come as life goes on and you have to be able to addapt and be flexible and open to change. Change happens. Change is good. 

As always, have an amazing start of the year.

With love,


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