Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hearts and kisses

Valentine's day has come and gone. And it seems this post is a little late, but well. 

I am the one in to celebrate love everyday all day, but on VDay I always like to treat even more the ones I love with what we love. We went on a nice lunch date and shoppping spree during the afternoon and later, the fun was about to happen. 

We got home, rested a little bit and then, hands on our game! We baked the night before some apple and cinnamon cupcakes (which turned out really great!) and we were missing the topping, therefor it had to be done, so we decided to spend Sunday's afternoon/ night making the buttercream frosting and the caramel to go on top of it for decoration and taste wise. 

It was pretty nice. I like bonding with my mom when we bake or cook together, it is a very home-y feeling and warms up our hearts and souls. 

When we were done, we treated the whole family with coffee and cupcakes as a nice dinner style gathering. 

Seriously, it was one of the nicest times we have spent together in a long time. And everyone loved the fact that coffee AND cupcakes ended up in their tummies. 

Here our end results: 

how good do they look? 

I hope your day was as great as mine. 

Have an amazing time, everytime! 

With Love, 


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