Monday, February 22, 2016

Micellar Water: Lóreal Paris

A few weeks ago, my skin was getting super dry and I was breaking out like crazy and then, Micellar water came into my mind. I have heard a lot from people all over the internet and from some people around me that use micellar, and have told me the wonders that it is and what it did for them, so I decided to give it a try.

Basically, micellar water is a deep cleansing fluid, similar to plain water, which acts as a cleanser and a toner all in one. It helps remove makeup, oils, dirt and all the icky stuff you can imagine from your pores and it is the for lazy girls just like me. 

It is not that I don't wash my face. I do. Trust me. But when you get home from a long day and just want to curl up in bed and forget about everything, it really comes in handy to re-remove makeup with out all the dreaded steps. there is still one step I do, which is removing my makeup with my makeup remover, this is because I feel I get it off faster and don't rub that much into my skin, and finish the cleansing process with my micellar water.  

The one that I am currently using is from Lóreal Paris, and I maybe the formulation could be better. I like it, but I feel like it leaves your skin with a little residue which is similar to excess oils from the formula and it makes the skin feel still wet from the water. I normally have to dry my skin with tissues, and I have noticed that with this step, even more dirt is removed from the pores. 

Another way I use it, besides on those lazy nights, is by pre cleansing my skin with it before hand when I am going to wash my face and then use my skin care products from my everyday routine. And in the mornings, when my skin is still fresh from the night before, I use it to freshen up and give it just a little boost of cleanliness. 

After a couple of weeks using it, I do feel my skin is acting better and I am not breaking out as much as it was before. 

Even though I am having good results, I will be trying to find a better brand with all the elements one has in mind such as good quality, good price and good packaging. 

I will use the Lóreal Micellar water until I finish the bottle, which I still have pretty much a good 2 /3 rds of it. 

This will be a trial and update posts every once in a while until I find the perfect one for me and in the end I will be writing about which one I finally decide to use as my frequent purchased product. 

I hope you enjoyed this post with my experience and comment below if you have any recommendations of Micellar Water brands. 

Have an amazing time!

With love, 


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