Monday, March 21, 2016

Special Occasions

This month is one full of love and family events.

For me, the most important ones are my parents birthdays which are exactly 11 days apart (my dad's on the 10th and my mom's on the 21st) and also my grandparents wedding anniversary (on the 19th).

Another special occasion has been the wedding of one of my University friends, which I met 5 years ago, in a class and noticed her well put personality. She just speaks her mind if something or someone is just talking nonsenses and she, is THE BOSS. She is a very special person so she deserves all the happiness in the world by the side of her now-husband and their little princesses.

It has been a first half of the month filled with celebrations and I will just share some of them here.

Be prepared for a whole lot of cute:

        1) Dad's Birthday on the 10th

        2) My Friend's Wedding on the 19th

      3) My Grandparent's Wedding Anniversary on the 19th also

Their favorite chocolate <3

Don't you think it is great that to be a witness of such amount of love is just to be plain lucky? 

I hope you are having an amazing month and make the best out of it. 

I'll be back on Thursday with my mom's bday post <3 and the dessert I put together for her. 

By the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! <3 I love you so so much. To the moon and back!!

With love, 


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