Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fitness | Current mood

Right now I am sitting in bed, listening to Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman, after a workout. 

Life is happy. 

As I am happy sitting here and drinking water, my motivation has fluctuated in terms of fitness and working out. 

It always fluctuates, at times I feel super motivated, going to work out at 6 am (pretty incredible if I must say so) and then I just don't have the "energy". I know it is just an excuse but it is what I tell myself. If I want to achieve something, then it should be something consistent in my life. 

Currently, I am up where I want to workout everyday, move a lot and be super healthy! 

Lucky me, there are a lot of healthier options around me this time, a super cool build-your-own salad restaurant, a gym opening up right around the corner of my office and everything seems to be making it a lot easier for me. It feels good to have a lot of options. 

Now, I just hope I keep it up and see some results, achieve some of my fitness goals and be a better version of myself. 

If you are going through some of these healthy - fitness-y kick, let me know and lets just start by leaving motivational words for us all and let the work work work flow! 

With love, 


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