Monday, May 30, 2016

Food | Bannana, Raisins & Oatmeal

Being in a healthy kick and trying to eat more consciously and less processed foods. 

And being in a Pinterest kick too, I decided to mix both "kicks" and find something that I could bake with some bananas I had so super ripe. One thing lead to another and I found a yummy recipe which only needed 3 ingredients: 

1) Bananas
2) Oatmeal 
3) Raspberries (which I substituted with raisins) 

I had a sugar and dessert craving one day and said "Why not test out this easy and fast recipe?" and so it went. 

The recipe was super easy to prepare and even easier to consume (no shame on that). And it made the perfect sweet treat.

My whole family loved them and they actually could not believe that it only took 3 ingredients to prepare the cookies.

It was an amazing Pinterest find (insert shameless promotion here) and I hope to make more food experiments like this to match my healthy kick.

Have an amazing day! or night... depending on the time you may read this ;)

With love,


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