Monday, May 2, 2016

Food | Infused Water

I tried a couple of weeks ago something that has been popping up in my pinterest searches a lot. Infused waters.

It is a really nice way to change up a little the way you hydrate your body and add a little flavor to your regular water.

The one I tried out was with lemons and raspberries. I left them all night to infuse and turned out really good. The taste was amazing, fresh and a little sweet and was a nice way to change things up for my morning.

Have you tried infused waters? If you have tried them, which fruits have you used?

I hope you have an amazing week!

With love,



  1. my personal favorite is water with lemon and mint leaves! so refreshing! kisses

    1. That one must be soo refreshing! for how long do you infuse it? Over night? i will definitely try it out.


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