Monday, June 27, 2016

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Having someone you love going through a difficult time is hard. But if you stick together, everything can pass by more easily.

A few weeks ago, my mom was feeling a little dizzy and started seeing double. At first she thought it was stress and said that she would sleep through it over night and maybe it would be gone by the next day.

Morning arrived and the double vision was still there and she decided it was time to go to the doctor. I encouraged the decision and there she went. There was where it all started.

She had different inter consultations between doctors and they decided a tomography was necessary. They did some blood tests and performed analysis. Within the analysis, her leucocytes were a bit high and the initial diagnosis was an infection in the eye which had caused the nerves to become swollen causing the double vision. By night I got to see her and her eyeball had shifted a little to the corner of her eye leaving her with a squint eye. We started to worry and by the next day, the doctors determined that she had to stay hospitalized due to the infection and if they did not treated her, it would become worse.

She stayed there 5 days, but her eye was not improving. The infection was cured but not her squint eye. During those 5 days, several tests were performed on her and one of them was an MRI. And by the time she was dismissed, she had to go back 2 days later to know the results of it.

The day arrived and she went to the hospital and collected the results. Her ophthalmologist told her that there was something else causing the squint. It was a small tumor in her brain that had compromised the 3rd nerve of her eye and was causing her eyeball to be deflected to the corner of her eye.

She has always been  very independent, she loves driving, she helps out with everything that she can, she is always there for us when we need her the most and now it is our turn to give all back to her (not that we don’t do it, but this is the biggest commitment of all) to make  her comfortable.

Now, we have to travel to the US for her to get Cyberknife surgery. We contacted a specialist in the field and he is a great doctor and knows what is best. Within a couple of months we will be traveling.

We know, from the research we’ve made that in order to save her eye fully and not to lose mobility permanently that that treatment is expensive and therefore we need to finance everything, from the air tickets to the stay and the treatment in its completeness.

During these hard times, I ask you all for your support and prayers for my family and specially for my mom. We have had our ups and downs, our emotional breakdowns and all but we are standing together to cope the best we can with this situation.

As my family and I stand strong together, I would love to have all your backs and present you with the different services I offer with my blog which you can read here. We are trying to save the most amount of money we can in order to cover all the expenses that we will have to incur through the length of the treatment.

I really hope that you have a great time and that God keeps you, your families and loved ones safe.

And sorry for the very long post this time. I just had a lot to share. Hope you understand.

Thank you all.

With love,


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