Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Food | Berry Crumble Pie

A week ago my mom and I were craving something sweet and with berries.

We went on the hunt for the berries and the rest of the ingredients to bake something along the lines of a pie and a crumble.

I was browsing the web in the look out for a good recipe, and found this one from Martha Stewart (yes, she is the BOMB.com when it comes to home and crafts and baking...imo) and I tweaked it a little bit (with some suggestions my mom made cause she is the BOMB.com in my house) and used another of her recipes from the page. Also, instead of doing a traditional dough for the pie crust, I just it with crumbled vanilla cookies and butter and pressed it to the bottom of the baking pyrex I used and it turned out sooo good.

Here you can see the process in a little photo gallery:

Once it is all done, just pop it into the oven for 20 or 25 minutes on medium heat (checking it doesn't burn) and voilà!

The finished product!!

I hope you enjoyed and reproduce the Martha Stewart recipe and tell me how it goes! and how it was of course! 

With love, 


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