Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life | 25 years

July 10, 2016

I turned 25.

25 years of happy moments, some sad but in the most part of it, an amazing time to learn and grow.

I feel very lucky because I got to spent it with my friends and my family. The night before my bday (my bday’s eve) a group of friends and myself went and had a little nice dinner at a new restaurant which is fun and it is always booked and there are 30 to an hour minute wait. Lucky for us, one of my friends got there kind of early (Note: She actually harassed the girl to find a table for all 10 of us) and got a table in the perfect spot.

We stayed and received my bday at 12 (because 25 is not just like any other birthday) and all the guys working in the restaurant came running down and had so much energy that it was contagious and fun to actually be there and witness it all.

To sum up the night celebrations, I can say that it was amazing.

My mom and dad, by that time, had called me and wished me happy birthday on the phone. By the time I got home, there was a little something waiting for me on the table.

Their birthday present <3

This year I was not expecting anything, the best gift, for me, is to spend it with the people I love and to have their love and support every step of the way, but it got me off guard and teared up a little.

I had been telling my parents how I wanted to invest in another good quality wallet (the first one was my fuchsia/pink coach wallet) to switch it up and don’t break it down sooner instead of it lasting me longer.

To my surprise, they took note on that and bought me a new wallet! It is burgundy and I just love it. It is perfect for my current needs and I will use it well for as long as it should last (which I expect it to be 10+ years).

I went to bed, and then let the day go as my parents planned. We went and bought breakfast to go (so that we eat it with my grandparents) and had a nice little family time. It was more of a brunch though.

Later on, we went and did some grocery shopping because we needed it and also picked up my birthday cakes (yes, because one is so overrated). A tropical one, with pineapple, nuts and cream cheese frosting and another one which was red velvet with a white chocolate cheese cream frosting. They were perfect.

All in all, as the day progressed it turned better and just kept getting better.

I loved spending my birthday with the people I love the most and care about the most and they care about me and love me just as much as I do.

Great things are about to come. I am now 25! Eeeppp!!

With love,


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