Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fitness | Falling off the band-wagon

Health and fitness has been a major part of my life for the past few years. Not this time, it isn't.

I have fallen completely off of the train. Stress and a bad time with relationships made me gain a ton of the weight I tried to keep off for a long, long time. I feel so bad for myself because I don't like what I see in the mirror, in pictures, in videos, just to name a few, and it is time I cut the BS I have been tricking my mind with.

I have previously written in this blog that I was trying to get back on track and on reality, I have not been trying hard enough. Yes, I was going to the gym. Yes, I still have that membership, debited month and month from my credit card and I such a moron to not take advantage of it and for me to waste that money every time. But never really started to focus on what mattered the most. Food. Nutrition is 80% of what makes a healthier lifestyle really stick through and be noticeable with weight change. The rest is hard work and dedication to be active and get out there in order not to become a couch potato.

This time, everything id going to be different because I am not committing to a radical change, but to make more conscious choices and balance it all out. It is also a matter of baby steps. Small goals to get me to the gym and start a routine again of going into the gym.

I need to be more aware that this choice is entirely to improve my health, become more active and feel great with myself, from the outside and from within.

It is a commitment to go one day at a time and celebrate the process.

Hope you enjoy the start of this journey with me.

With love,


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