Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Health | GM Diet Diary: Day 2

After having an awfully hangry day on day 1, I can say that day 2 was not that bad. I felt a little more energized, a bit more bubbly and a wee bit more productive. Everything went pretty well.

In terms of food, day 2 consisted only in veggies. In every form you could imagine, but only veggies. My lunch therefore consisted of a wide range going from mushrooms to carrots and celery. I had carrot and celery sticks as snacks together with sauteed mushrooms and radishes with lemon and salt.

For lunch, I had sauteed zucchini with onions, peppers and chilli peppers, which was great, a nice change of flavors which had my taste buds happy. Surprisingly, this kept me full for a little while and as afternoon snacks I had plenty to choose from. I was well covered.

The day was not that tedious as I expected and it went smooth. I got to my house, took a shower, had a skype meeting, went to take my cat to the vet, got home again, did some after office hours and then went to sleep.

As a summary, the day was nice, i felt more like myself and smiled more than day 1.

I hope you are enjoying this journey and stay tuned to know how it will end!

With love,


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