Sunday, February 26, 2017

Health | GM Diet Diary: Day 5 & 6

After taking a little break from writing, I am ready to tell you all about these 2 days!

On day 5, we had a little upgrade from the almost completely vegan diet from the previous 4 days, and it consisted on eating 6 tomatoes through the day and 570  gr of beef. It was a pretty good day although it had a limit on the amount of food you could eat, I did not felt hunger and stayed energized all through the day. 

It was great because I was feeling that something was missing from my diet, and it was some meat and animal protein to keep my heart content. 

The following day (day 6) was pretty much the same as day 5, but you could include all the other vegetables, and in no limited amounts. 

I was happy, I could finally eat my salads with meat! It was a chill day, it was Saturday all in all and I also could eat more protein. it gave me the amount of energy required to stay up while having a nice night filled with family, friends and love. 

I will be coming back to narrate the last day of the diet, and my final thoughts of it. So far, so good. 

I hope your weekend went smoothly and have a great start of the day! 

With love, 


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