Monday, February 20, 2017

Health | GM Diet Diary: Introduction

A few months ago I was doing great, I was really back in my healthy eating habits, we had a trip coming up, I wanted to be a little lower in weight for that time and once the trip came around, I had made some progress.

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During that time, I was so drawn to every junk, sweet food I could cross path with and just YOLOed so hard (is yolo a thing any more? I feel so left behind) and decided that "Vacations=Food=Happy Me" and as I was under some stress because of the actual reasons we had to make that trip, it made sense to enjoy a little (well, a lot) and to not think about watching every single thing I ate.

Let's be honest, it was impossible for me to stay away from candy (every single type of candy you can imagine, I have tasted, and that is an understatement) and with my mom, we have this tradition of buying candy and serving it on the table at Christmas dinner. Yes, it was an inhumane amount of sweets we had purchased to bring home, and yes, we finished it all in under 2 weeks and maybe a couple of days more. I lost track of everything (I wrote on the 15th of December a blogpost, but life happens, sweets happen and I have a major sweet tooth) and fell off the band-wagon. I failed at this point.

But, as you may know, from every failure you must pick yourself up and keep going. During the first few days of 2017, I sat down, started evaluating my goals for the year and which ones were 100% on me. I quickly decided that a couple of years ago, I was happy with the way I looked, the way I felt and proud of what my body could achieve in terms of fitness and sports, that was my main goal. Therefore, to achieve all of that, I had to start and set smaller goals like, start going to the gym 2 times a week; drink more water, eat less sweets, eat less junk food, and so on and so forth. In that way, every little change would not overwhelm me and if I did not see any instant results, I would not give up and continue with my old-not-so-good ways.

I decided to prepare myself during the month of January, start slow on February and work my way up on the way I push myself to be better.  I have made some progress, I will not say that it is everything I looked up for, but it is progress after all.

To speed things up a little in the eating-better aspect of this journey, my mom and I were told by one of my aunts that she came across the GM Diet (General Motors Diet) being more of a cleanse, and that it worked for her nicely, doing it one week and the other not, and just alternating between the cleanse and a healthy diet cutting out on the bad and leaving in the good. In that aspect, my mom and I decided to go on this GM Diet cleanse journey and I will be documenting my experience during this week, and in which better platform other than in my own personal (very public) diary?

It will start Monday February the 20th, so actually this post is going up today when I have already began the diet, and you can expect much more through this week.

Stay tuned for more!

I hope you enjoy this ride with me, and have a little insight of how it works and how I handle it.

Have a great day!

With love,


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