Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beauty | Review: Cover Girl Lineexact Liquid Liner

I am the biggest fan of eyeliners, but to be honest, I only go towards black or brown ones (keeping my distance from bright colored ones) for every day use, so not much variety can be found in my makeup drawers.

One day, during our Miami 2 week vacation, my favorite eyeliner from Revlon, the ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in black, ran out and I was devastated. When in Wallmart, I decided to go to the makeup aisle and tried to find it but they were out of stock. Searching for a new one to try, this Cover Girl one crossed my path, the Lineexact Liquid Liner, and decided to go for it and purchase it and it was pretty inexpensive.

I did not try it until a couple of days later, just to get my fancy on while on vacay, I used it for a couple of hours, and it did not stay well because of my sweating and the heat and all. I had to re-apply it one more time until we got back to our hotel at night. I did not like it at all, then, I decided to give it some more chances, maybe it was just that it was too hot, to windy or whatever and maybe those were the reasons why it did not last for long. The second time I used it it felt weird and looked weirder because every time I gave it a stroke to draw a line, the part where it already had eyeliner on would disappear almost completely! I shook it to get more product to the tip and thought it worked until I did it again and got a little frustrated, but figured a way to just not go over the previous line and just went with it.

Another time I used it was when we were back home and forgot my eyeliner, a Maybelline one, and remembered that I had it in my purse with me and went on to use it. Big mistake! At home the climate is much more humid and the temperature feels even higher than what it really is, therefore it smooshed even MORE than the first time I used it. After this final attempt I gave up on it. I do not like the formula, do not like the way it applies, the actual eyeliner tube is nice but not long enough so it is uncomfortable to use it and handle. I would not recommend to buy the regular non-water proof formula (this is the kind I got) because it gave me more trouble than not.

I never thought of myself a difficult person to please when it came to makeup, but this experience just gave me more headaches than what its worth so here you have it, an honest opinion about this product which I will not be repurchasing and actually, will leave in the back of my makeup drawers and forget about it.

I hope you liked this little ramble about beauty and one of the many more to come.

Have a great day!

With love,


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