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Health | GM Diet Diary: Day 7

I know, a little late but better late than never.

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Day 7 was great, it was the last day of the GM diet, the detox plan and it felt a little nostalgic. During this week, my body felt a lot of good changes, ranging from the way I felt and to the way I look.

Starting of off how I felt, it made a big difference. Although I was tired, a lot, by the end of the day, I felt better, lighter. After these 7 days, I found out that I no longer needed sweets as long as I had other replacements to mute my sweet appetite. I definitely did not missed bread or rice, and I was happy with that choice.

With the way that I look, I love how some parts of my body have slimmed down, of course not much and not everyone can notice, but I do notice and I feel even better. With this I found a new motivation to keep up with the efforts even on the week that I don’t have to follow the diet.

The diet requires to be consistent and don’t go back to the bad habits you used to have before starting, therefore you continue to see results and feel even better.

Yesterday was my first day off the diet and I started eating meat. It felt weird, because the last day of the GM regime you are allowed to eat fruit juices, veggies and brown rice (vegetarian diet once more) to clean those 2 days you ate beef.

I opted to eat less meat and have lighter options for day 2 off the diet. I have had no sweet cravings at all and I am still feeling a little bloated from yesterday. One thing that I did crave, was my sporadic skinny vanilla latte from starbucks (and speaking of which, there is here in Peru the starbucks rewards programme! I could not be more excited!) and was happy with it. Maybe too much dairy is going to get to me,  but in the meantime, I am just enjoying it.

In conclusion, the 7 day detox plan of the GM Diet, for me, were all worth it and gave me a little push to want more results and take better care of myself. By the way, I did not go to the gym all last week because I was super drained, but this week I am in and with full force and energy. Call that DETERMINATION.

I hope you enjoyed this ride and found this journey enlightening if you were thinking on getting into this diet plan.

I give it 8 out of 10 stars, just because I felt hangry a couple of days, but for being the first time, it was not THAT bad.

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