Sunday, June 4, 2017

Health | Eating better on Dukan Principles

It is so hard to stay on track, specially when you have a ton of friends and office friends and family who are mayor into going out to eat or drink. Eating is the worst thing for me, because I have been in a love affair with it for quite some time bording the 2.5 year anniversary.

I don't know how many time I have tried to get back on track, get it together finally and don't feel like I am being deprived of anything. But if I want change, to change is what I need to do.

One of the things I will start doing, which I stopped doing and should have never stopped to is having every day 2 tablespoons full of oat bran as a form of cleanse and to add more fiber to my diet. This I learned while on the Dukan diet. It is a way to help your organism clean itself, remove accumulated fats and to promote a healthy gut.

When we eat a lot of processed foods, fats and sweets, our organism gets hit by many different components and it is always a good thing to have something in your diet which will make a difference and help you stay a little more "clean".

Another great tip I got while doing the Dukan diet is to always have a protein day. Chose one day a week to eat only lean proteins. Staying away of full fat products of course. This has an amazing effect on how you feel later. As this diet consists of mainly consuming proteins and a lot of non-starchy-vegetables, it is logical for your body to get a "clean day" if you eat normally out. This means that you will always have to watch out for what you eat but I will definitely not deprive myself as much as I used to.

The last tip, for me, is to stay away from sweets, that includes fruits with a high glycemic index, which are fruits like mangoes, grapes and bananas. It is a big change for me, due to the fact that I fell for sweets all over again and that was my downfall.

With this being said, I will be more conscious with the way I feed myself and the food I consume. Quality always beats quantity and it is not necessary to restrain calories if you are eating right and not going overboard with greasy pieces of chicken or a 1500 cal chocolate cake from the best bakery you have in your neighborhood.

Eat well, feel better later, and if it is a goal of yours...look better than ever!

I hope that these tips, are as useful for you as they have been for me. I look forward on reading your comments about your feelings on this topic and if you have any more useful tips, please share!

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