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This blog is a way to express my thoughts on my many interests, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Fitness, Business and some other very random ones through writing and I am interested in hearing from you to create partnerships and develop new business relationships.

If you are interested in doing business/parteniring or teaming up with me, please read the following statement. 

For product or service reviews take into account the following:

- If you want to send me some products to review, know that I will give my 100% honest opinion about it. If there is something I don't find appealing, I will reach out to the company and tell them my findings so that the feedback is there for them to record it and take it into consideration for their next product improvement, but I will never post a negative review if the product in mention is not up to expectations or if I don't like it much. The idea is not to bring down anyone, the idea here it to help maximize the potential your products or services have.  

- I am the only person who is going to test out the products or services, and if I need help from others, and I am allowed by the company, I will use other peoples opinions, who are mainly my family and friends.  

- Other conditions may be negotiated to benefit the readers of the blog. (All to be discussed at the time you contact me)

I offer partnerships/teams/collaborations in order to promote other bloggers and blogs, products of different companies accompanied by guest blog posts to show new and fun content that fit in the profile of this blog. This partnership program goes both ways. Helping each other is the best way to achieve success. All details of partnerships are to be discussed when you decide to contact me. (*)

I do have complete control over my blog (as I am the sole author) and I am reserving the rights to control which contents are suitable or not to be shown here.

Please Note that my blog is family oriented and a safe place for young adults (being one myself) and above ages, who are looking to spend part of their leisure time reading and learning about different life styles. This is still a small blog but is a working progress and, most importantly, is something I enjoy doing.

Thank you for reading this and I am looking forward on getting to know you and create a team to benefit all parties involved.


Stephanie Karoline Mejía Spillmann
Owner and Editor in Chief at Stephanie Arabella

(*) My contact information can be found in the Contact Me page

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